What shows are going to be on PostTV?

In the coming weeks we’ll launch two new daily shows to join The Fold:

In Play: Hosts Chris Cillizza and Jackie Kucinich cut through the noise to help you better understand what’s “In Play” in politics right now, and what’s ahead. We’ll give you a sense of the day in Washington, the stories you may have missed and an informed look ahead.

On Background: Nia-Malika Henderson hosts this interactive in-depth interview show, exploring the compelling Washington news stories that you should know about. We’re focusing on creating an interactive discussion, from before the conversation, during it and  after the show.

The Fold (launched October 2012): Our daily news show, hosted by Brook Silva-Braga, continues to bring to light important stories told in a reimagined news magazine format. Originally designed for our Google TV audience, The Fold highlights underrepresented stories that deserve to be told.

These shows will feature major newsmakers, informed guests and journalists and opinion-makers from The Washington Post newsroom and beyond.

You don’t have to watch these shows in the traditional way. Each is broken up into individual clips that play together, so you can skip to a particular segment, or watch the piece in its entirety.

What else is on PostTV?

In addition to these new shows, we continue to focus on:

- compelling original storytelling with a team of award-winning videojournalists
insightful local and national sports commentary with Post Sports Live
- segments like News in 59 Seconds, On Leadership and Post Buzz
- live streaming video from around the world
- and breaking news clips from trusted partners, including The Associated Press, Bloomberg and CBS News.

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