Why aren t my comments posting?

Why aren't my comments posting?

Oftentimes, comments take a minute or two to show up on a thread, so please be patient in the immediate window following your posting.

If the problem persists and you know your comment does not violate our community guidelines, here are two things to try that should solve the problem:

1. Clear your cache. To do this, access your browser history and click “clear all.” Do not choose history or cookies -- choose “Empty cache.” This will update changes made to the page and refresh your comments.


2. Change your browser. Most users report success in Chrome or Firefox over Internet Explorer or Safari.

If you’ve posted the same comment multiple times or on multiple threads, it’s likely to get caught in our spam filter and this may prevent future comments from posting.

If you’re having trouble getting your comment through or aren’t sure why it was deleted, please email the comments team at comments@washpost.com.

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